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Motherhood for Women with HIV/AIDS: Fertility Treatment, Expectations and Realities

Motherhood for Women with HIV/AIDS: Fertility Treatment, Expectations and Realities

Parenthood for women with HIV/AIDS: Fertility Treatment, Expectations and Realities Aspire Fertility Center in HSR Layout, Sarjapura Bangalore

Motherhood for Women with HIV/AIDS: Fertility Treatment, Expectations & Realities


Motherhood is a profound desire and for women living with HIV/AIDS, achieving this dream involves navigating unique challenges. Aspire Fertility Center stands as a beacon of hope, offering advanced fertility treatments tailored for individuals with HIV.


HIV, a complex and challenging medical condition, has seen remarkable advancements in treatment and management, enabling individuals to lead fulfilling lives. However, the intersection of HIV and fertility introduces unique considerations that require specialized attention and care.



Living with HIV/AIDS doesn’t mean giving up on the dream of parenthood. As medical advancements progress, fertility treatments offer hope and possibilities for women navigating the complexities of HIV/AIDS. At Aspire Fertility Center in HSR Layout, Bangalore, we are dedicated to empowering women with HIV/AIDS on their journey to parenthood.


The challenges are multifaceted. HIV may impact fertility directly or indirectly through the medications used in its management. Additionally, the risk of HIV transmission during conception necessitates careful planning and adherence to proven risk reduction strategies.


What to Expect?

Comprehensive Evaluation:

Women with HIV/AIDS can expect a thorough evaluation of their health, including the assessment of viral load, immune system status, and overall well-being.


Transmission Risk Mitigation:

A focus on minimizing the risk of HIV transmission to partners and offspring.


Emotional Support:

Expect a supportive environment that addresses the emotional aspects of fertility treatment, recognizing the unique challenges associated with HIV/AIDS.


Personalized Treatment Plans:

Tailored fertility treatment plans that align with individual health conditions.

Customized approaches, considering viral load, overall health and specific fertility challenges.


What is Possible?

Preventing Vertical Transmission:

Possibility: The use of assisted reproductive technologies, combined with careful management, significantly reduces the risk of vertical transmission to the child.


Safe Fertility Medications:

Possibility: Women can receive fertility medications that are safe and compatible with HIV/AIDS medications, promoting successful ovulation and conception.


Healthy Embryo Implantation:

Possibility: Assisted Hatching during in vitro fertilization (IVF) enhances the chances of a healthy embryo implanting in the uterus.


Informed Decision-Making:

Possibility: Patients have the opportunity to make informed decisions about their fertility journey, actively participating in the choices that align with their health goals.


Considerations – What Is Not Possible?

Guaranteed Outcome:

Reality: As with any fertility treatment, there are no guarantees of pregnancy success. The chances of success depend on various factors, and outcomes may vary.


Zero Risk:

Reality: While risks are minimized, achieving a pregnancy with zero risk of transmission is not entirely possible. However, the risks are significantly reduced with careful management.


Natural Conception Challenges:

Reality: Achieving pregnancy through natural conception might pose higher challenges due to potential transmission risks.


Fertility Treatment Options for Women with HIV/AIDS


  • Procedure: IVF involves retrieving eggs, fertilizing them with sperm in a laboratory, and transferring the embryo into the uterus.
  • Benefits: Safe conception in a controlled environment, minimizing the risk of HIV transmission to the baby.
  • Time Taken: Depends on management of HIV/AIDS along with fertility treatments. Typically, an IVF cycle takes four to six weeks.


Pre-Implantation Genetic Testing (PGT):

  • Procedure: Testing embryos for genetic abnormalities before implantation.
  • Benefits: Ensures a healthy pregnancy and minimizes the risk of transmitting genetic conditions.
  • Time Taken: PGT is part of the IVF process and adds a few weeks to the timeline.


Assisted Hatching:

  • Procedure: Enhances embryo implantation by creating a small opening.
  • Benefits: Increases the likelihood of successful implantation.
  • Time Taken: Part of the IVF cycle.


Egg Freezing:

  • Procedure: Freezing eggs for future use, allowing women to delay childbearing until a safer time.
  • Benefits: Preserves fertility before starting HIV medications that might affect reproductive health.
  • Time Taken: The egg freezing process takes around two weeks.



  • Procedure: A surrogate carries the pregnancy on behalf of the HIV-positive woman.
  • Benefits: Eliminates the risk of vertical transmission, ensuring a healthy pregnancy.
  • Time Taken: The process involves legal and medical steps and can take several months.



Our Approach at Aspire Fertility Center:
Fertility treatments for women with HIV/AIDS involve a careful balance of precautions and risks. The multidisciplinary team at Aspire Fertility Center is committed to providing personalized care, minimizing risks, and maximizing the chances of a healthy and successful pregnancy. Consultation with healthcare professionals is paramount for a thorough understanding of individualized risks and precautions.


Paving the Way for Parenthood, Advancements in Treatment:
The field of assisted reproductive technologies (ART) has witnessed remarkable advancements, offering hope for HIV-positive individuals desiring parenthood. While possibilities for successful pregnancies are high, it’s essential to recognize that absolute guarantees are not feasible. The team is committed to navigating the fertility journey with transparency, compassion, and a focus on positive outcomes.



Navigating parenthood with HIV involves realistic expectations and informed decisions. While achieving the dream of having a family is entirely possible, it requires a collaborative effort between individuals, healthcare providers and fertility specialists. If you’re ready to explore parenthood possibilities, connect with Aspire Fertility Center today. Our team is here to guide you through every step of this transformative journey.



A thorough assessment of both partners ensures a more accurate diagnosis and enhances the chances of successful conception and a healthy pregnancy.


Remember you are not alone in this endeavor. We are committed to helping you achieve your dream of parenthood. If you have any questions or need further clarification, please feel free to share them with us. Together, we will take this journey towards parenthood and success.



At Aspire Fertility Center, we are committed to providing the best possible care to our patients. Our advanced fertility treatment options, combined with family support, ensure a comprehensive and holistic approach to fertility care. We believe that when patients feel supported, they can make informed decisions and actively participate in their treatment journey.


The emotional aspect of female fertility treatments is a vital part of the journey towards parenthood. At Aspire Fertility Center in HSR Layout & Sarjapura, Bangalore, we recognize the challenges you may face and are here to provide not only the best medical care but also emotional support throughout the process. Our goal is to help you navigate this journey with strength, hope, and the assurance that you are not alone.

Your reproductive future starts here.


shikha pantolashikha pantola
02:48 10 Nov 23
Doctor Aswini is really good. She will listen calmly the problem and guide us in the right direction.
suma krishnasuma krishna
08:56 09 Nov 23
All staffs are very good...Good place to fulfill your dream.
Divya DagliaDivya Daglia
13:56 02 Nov 23
Doctor Aswini is really good. She will guide us in the right direction. Medicines are readily available and the nurses are really good, especially Asha nurse.However the staff who file the reports sometimes make a lot of mistakes, so we need to take printout and file beforehand.
06:10 18 Oct 23
thiru selvithiru selvi
13:25 11 Oct 23
Sreevalli KommuSreevalli Kommu
08:24 30 Sep 23
vishal jindalvishal jindal
10:02 29 Sep 23
aradhana routaradhana rout
06:21 29 Sep 23
revathistar kotlarevathistar kotla
13:00 26 Sep 23
Good staff
Shaik ShavaliShaik Shavali
08:39 26 Sep 23
We highly recommend this hospital.Thanks to Dr Ashwini mam,Dr Narmada mam and all the supporting staff members,every one is very friendly and helpful.
Usha RajashekharappaUsha Rajashekharappa
13:23 19 Sep 23
Dr Ashwini mam is awesome. And all staff and other duty doctors are too good and friendly nature.I felt it’s not like hospital it’s like home.thanks for all your support. And very thankful to Ashwini mam.
Reetu PrasadReetu Prasad
01:58 17 Sep 23
Lavanyadevi AnburajLavanyadevi Anburaj
07:40 09 Sep 23
We have started our journey with Aspire fertility centre since 2015 for our first child.. Now after 7 years we have come back to the same place for our second pregnancy. Both the pregnancy journeys were great especially when the second pregnancy had a lot of difficult times both Dr.Aswini mam and Dr.Narmatha mam really helped us to go thru every phase with confidence..Dr.Ashwini Mam makes so many people dream of having a baby . she is a simple and great human being and does a wonderful job with great quality of medical care. I highly recommend her! Dr.Narmatha mam , so happy to meet her and given the needed comfort and confidence in every stage of our pregnancy.. Admin, Front office staff, Nurses and Housekeeping staff all are doing great and kind and keep you feeling safe... Thank you so much Aspire and team!
07:32 08 Sep 23
nidhi mangalnidhi mangal
07:24 05 Sep 23
Good facilities and staff is also helpful
Monica JelerMonica Jeler
08:50 29 Aug 23
My experience with the whole team of doctors, nurses, administrative persons was wonderful. I felt at home and I felt that everyone was taking care of me. Dr. Ashwini is a phenomenal professional and a person full of empathy and light. Thank you doctor, thank you all, I will be back soon🤗
vaibhavi chvaibhavi ch
12:31 19 Aug 23
Sagar DodawadSagar Dodawad
08:42 19 Aug 23
Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)I recently my wife had the privilege of receiving treatment at Aspire Fertility Center, a fertility hospital that has left an indelible impression on my journey. From the moment I stepped through their doors, I was met with professionalism, compassion, and a level of care that exceeded all my expectations.The staff at Aspire Fertility Center are nothing short of remarkable. The nurses, administrative personnel, and medical professionals were not only highly skilled but also genuinely empathetic. They understood the emotional and physical challenges that come with fertility treatments, and their support was invaluable throughout the process.Dr. Ashwini G B, my primary physician, deserves special recognition. Their expertise, dedication, and commitment to tailoring a treatment plan specifically for my needs was truly outstanding. They took the time to explain every step of the process, answering all my questions and alleviating any concerns I had. Dr. Ashwini G B made me feel like a partner in my own healthcare journey.The facilities at Aspire Fertility Center state-of-the-art, providing a comfortable and reassuring environment for patients. The cleanliness and organization of the hospital were impeccable, which further instilled confidence in the care I was receiving.One aspect that sets Aspire Fertility Center apart is their focus on comprehensive care. They offer a range of services beyond medical treatments, including counseling and emotional support, which played a crucial role in maintaining my mental well-being during this challenging time.In summary, I wholeheartedly recommend Aspire Fertility Center to anyone seeking fertility treatments. They combine medical excellence with unwavering compassion, creating a healthcare experience that is truly exceptional. I am immensely grateful for their care and support.Sagar Dodawad
manasa gmanasa g
07:35 19 Aug 23
Doctors and staffs makes us comfortable and talk politely .
Anulika BanerjeeAnulika Banerjee
05:22 19 Aug 23
Doctor Ashwini is great with her patients. Well maintained clinic with very friendly staff.
Malini VivekananthanMalini Vivekananthan
06:04 18 Aug 23
I am fortunate and glad that I met Dr. Ashwini mam and Dr. Narmatha, mam. They are the best. My journey is quite long, but not once I felt like giving up. Because the whole Aspire Team and staff made me feel comfortable and gave me strength during the toughest time I had over the years. The whole environment is welcoming and positive. Everyone is empathetic and duty doctors are reachable all the time during emergencies.I was guided well through every step of the way. They patiently answered all my doubts. During the hard times, I found strength in Ashwini Mam’s words. “This too shall pass away. Keep hope and God is with you”. The love and support I received from the doctor and the entire hospital staff. Admin, Front office staff (Madhu, Sowmya, Ashwini, Sunitha, Tanuja, and everyone) Nurses( Mary, Panchami, Archana, Sreeja, and Srivani), and Housekeeping staffs are beyond my words.Once again thank you all. Please keep up the good work many people like me would feel grateful to all of you.
19:25 09 Aug 23
My wife came to know about Dr. Ashwini G B from Practo. She is extremely knowledgeable. She explains the problem and then resolves. The front desk staff and the medical assistant staff Archana, Panchami, Mary, Asha, Sreeja, Srivani were very nice and helpful. Dr. Narmatha spends as much time as needed with you to get all questions answered. Would highly recommend Aspire!
Shalusandeep SannakkiShalusandeep Sannakki
05:45 03 Aug 23
I highly recommend this hospital.Dr Ashwini's treatment is efficient. One of the best IVF specialist and advanced gynecologist care centre. The most knowledgeable and experienced doctor. Entire staffing and embryology is very supportive and caring. Special mention to Dr Ashwini: Its a dream come true because of ur help on our path to parenthood. Trust them... Rest they will take care successfully...Thank you soo much Aspire team.
Bachu PrathapBachu Prathap
08:03 24 Jul 23
Thanks for Aspire entire Team. We came for 2nd baby also to Aspire and the journey was very smooth and unforgettable. Special Thanks to DrAshwini mam and sisters and front desk staff.
ambika prasadambika prasad
12:50 22 Jul 23
Anusha SathieshAnusha Sathiesh
05:14 18 Jul 23
Best gynic i have ever met. You can blindly trust the advice given by Dr.Aswini.
Amaningayya hiremathAmaningayya hiremath
07:16 17 Jul 23
Thank you so much Dr.Ashwini and Aspire team,Very grateful and good experience with this hospital all are co operating with us and well caring and well respected
04:47 01 Jul 23
Great place for all your parenting desires. Dr. Ashwini's treatment is most efficient, to the point, & her no nonsense approach makes the patients believe in her treatment. We have been associated with Aspire team since conception till delivery. Entire staffing team has been very cordial, supportive and caring. The premium that you pay is more than being served to you at their place. The ambience is too good and you'll not feel you are in a hospital. Thank you team again. We are blessed with a baby boy 🙂
Gaurav SGaurav S
18:59 22 Jun 23
It took us a while to find a doctor that made us feel comfortable and welcome!Dr. Ashwini as well as her staff are awesome, they listen and give the best advice. Dr. Ashwini really strives to give the best care possible. The doctor’s demeanor has really put me at ease so I highly recommend this clinic. Each time we meet, she has provided thorough examinations and has shown genuine concern. I’ve had nothing but great encounters with her. She is not only an excellent Doctor but she is simple & superb Human being, approachable with a smiling face always. It’s rare to find a doctor that combines such a persona, a personal touch and care for patients as a person with outstanding quality of medical care. I highly recommend her!Special mention to Dr Ashwini : It’s a dream come true because of your help on our path to parenthood. Thank you so much Team Aspire.Lovely caring nursing staff !!The services that I receive from Aspire are excellent. Entire staff are friendly and ensure that I am properly informed about my health and care. Special thanks to Madhu..
Sejal KurbetSejal Kurbet
13:08 17 Jun 23
Very excellent Doctor who patiently understands the situation and then gives treatment. She has good knowledge of what to be done and at what time. She builds confidence in the person which actually helps a lot. I thank Dr.Ashwini and entire Aspire team for their kind support.
Shri Ranjani SukumarShri Ranjani Sukumar
06:25 09 Jun 23
I have been consulting Dr.Ashwini for infertility. Dr. Ashwini is warm and friendly and hears you out patiently. Her subject matter expertise in the field of infertility is par excellence. She suggests the best treatment options applicable. The clinic is well equipped with one of the most advanced ART facilities in house with a soothing ambience. The staff (both front office and nursing) is very courteous and supporting. Highly recommend this clinic.
shruti rittishruti ritti
04:25 09 Jun 23
We feel very lucky that we got to know about Ashwini ma'am. We waited very long to have a child, consulted 2 - 3 doctor's before but we didn had feeling that we were in right hands until we went to Aspire clinic. They listen to your medical history 1st, then they guide you accordingly. I was reading one of the review saying "Ashwini ma'am is a great human being luckily who happen to be a doctor" I felt it so right.They don't just do the procedures/treatments, she explains everything, why they are doing it and why it is necessary. We were one of those couple who didn know what is right choice for us or don have any elders or experienced ones in family. She explained the options that we can choose for, we asked her only what might be the right choice for us and she did guide us all the time rightly like a well wisher. She has no greed for money, very professional which is very rare to find in doctors nowadays.About the aspire staff team, they are very kind and humble all the time. Everybody in clinic do their job very well.
Kenchappa HalamaniKenchappa Halamani
06:55 21 Feb 23
One of the best IVF specialists & Advanced Gynecologist Care Centre. The most knowledgeable and experienced Doctor Who cares for her patients and ensures the best treatment.The Aspire Fertility Center has world-class facilities available under one roof. Many technologies added 1st time in India. I strongly recommend it to everyone.
jeeva jaganjeeva jagan
10:08 05 Jan 23
Aspire made my pregnancy journey smoother though I had many complications. Dr.Ashwini had everything covered from my health to my baby's health. She delivered our son safe and sound. We thank whole heartedly Aspire doctors, staffs and every one for taking care of us. And we thank Dr Ashwini madam so much for all the care and treatment. Highly recommended!!Thanks,Jeevitha & Mani
Rini JacobRini Jacob
14:17 20 Dec 22
I am so deeply grateful to Doctor Ashwini and team to take care of me throughout my conception journey. They have been patient, encouraging and the most empathetic staff I have ever come across. The best for assisted conception through medication or artificial insemination.I am a mother to a baby boy today and I cannot thank Aspire Fertility Center enough for the role they have playedMay God Bless this institution and help them bring joy to all the couples who want to be Parents !
reshma bhavishareshma bhavisha
06:36 16 Dec 22
First time we visited Aspire and it’s been a very good experience. Courteous staff keeps you updated about waiting time and everything was quick. I guess they have all facilities required in house. Great ambience and well located. Neat, clean and hygienic place. Good and caring doctors. Will update on further visits. We consulted Dr. Ashwini based on the review and it was worth it meeting her. Positive feeling.
sumanth sudheendrasumanth sudheendra
11:48 21 Jun 22
Dr.Ashwini and her team are a really experienced set of professionals who were there with us through out pregnancy journey till the birth of our baby. The facility is state of the art and is maintained very well. The attention that was provided during delivery was exceptional and very grateful to Team Aspire.
Bhoomika K SBhoomika K S
13:17 18 Jun 22
It is a good place for providing apt treatment. I am mostly glad that the treatments prescribed by the doctors here are close to accurate and without any side effects for my mother and me. The faculty are very considerate and do a great job at making the people feel at ease.
subhashree dashsubhashree dash
08:49 15 Jun 22
Received very good care and treatment. The doctors are very capable and patiently explained us the issue and helped us with all the procedures. Just need to improve on time management as the patients had to wait for long.
Nithya ThiyagarajanNithya Thiyagarajan
06:49 14 Jun 22
Very nice experience. Good staff ,very supportive. Doctor also clarifies all the doubts. Pleasant experience with Aspire team
Vijay GuraddiVijay Guraddi
15:11 22 Mar 22
Before praising doctor first let me tell you about the hospital and staff. I love the ambience as i didn't felt that i was in hospital since it was similar to multi star hotel. Very neat and beautifully maintained. Staff were very cooperative and friendly too.Now coming to doctor, we met Dr. Narmatha and was soo happy as she explained and diagnosed the problem correctly. Moreover she was very patient to listen us and clarified all our queries.
Lok Prateek KothaLok Prateek Kotha
14:23 11 Mar 22
We consulted Dr. Ashwini during our pregnancy here. Things went well. No complaints. They've recently moved to this new building. The space is very nice and polished. Not to undermine the importance of the doctors but the support staff here are very caring and considerate. Highly recommended.
Mabel AnnMabel Ann
06:18 10 Nov 23
Dr.Shantala GBDr.Shantala GB
15:13 09 Nov 23
Excellant place
jyothi Narenjyothi Naren
19:29 14 Oct 23
Very happy with the treatment given by Dr Ashwini and the assistant Dr's. They are very professional at work..staff is very cooperative and welcoming with smile. Definately recommend this clinic for aspiring women who wants to conceive..well maintained centre and give positive vibes when entered. Thank you Dr Ashwini, because of your guidance and treatment today we have been blessed with a healthy baby girl 🥳🙂
Sumedha ShekharSumedha Shekhar
10:39 10 Oct 23
Lohith NalmasLohith Nalmas
07:53 05 Oct 23
vinay kumarvinay kumar
09:27 30 Sep 23
Very happy with the treatment given by Dr Ashwini and the assistant Dr's. They are very professional at work..staff is very cooperative and welcoming with smile. Definately recommend this clinic for aspiring women who wants to conceive..well maintained centre and give positive vibes when entered. Thank you Dr Ashwini, because of your guidance and treatment
divya rameshdivya ramesh
05:36 29 Aug 23
Had great experience,Dr.Srividya mam is very friendly, all staff good very friendly and handls patients smoothly, everything went positively, I do recommend this hospital. Thank you 😊
Nandini NanuNandini Nanu
07:24 13 Aug 23
As I had experience with her wher in she is a wonderful doctor who takes care very well any emergency we can contact her and any time she is available Dr Ashwini ma'am pls continue the same ........... And also the staff who workers are really good and help needed thy help us out .......
Geetha SatishGeetha Satish
16:33 12 Aug 23
Hospital is good, all staff was so good and caring, dr.ashwani mam , we are thankful.when ever we will visited for consultation I fell very happy 😁 first they will smile and welcome i feel very happy very good staff ❤️
Raju SolankiRaju Solanki
07:13 29 Jul 23
I felt very happy after consulting Dr.Ashwini been for IVF treatment, doctor here are very professional, All staffes in sarjapur branch are very polite and excellent service, All facilities are available at Aspire Fertility centre. I do recommend this hospital to others

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